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Rustles of leaves…and yet…


The breaking of small twigs…and still…





A cry

A wail

A scream

And yet…silence prevails…


Sirens in full blare, and yet, silence takes it’s toll…

The wise man chants, and yet, no one listens…

The enchantress casts her spell, and yet, no one can hear…


Silences…triumphant till the end…


The proletariats riot, but still fall to deaf ears…

Deaf ears fail to heal…

Deaf ears lay upon apathy…


To whom is the blame?

Atrocities like this cannot go unpunished…

The creature must be killed…and the king, replaced…


And yet…


The new crown will remain with traditions old and unforgotten…

Omerta stays the same…

Same practices, different faces…


The red text stays alive…

Still written in the blood of the lost…

The victims of silence…

The cries of the innocent…


The death of the free…




Slightly drunk

Where is the light

Are you the flower




The late show

The today show



Till then

Waking up

Sleeping down

P diddy

P diddy

P diddy



























…and thou shalt sing thy sonnet, of misery and woe, crying in thy failure of all we know, and though we forget, let’s not regret, the last joint we smoked was the best ever yet

…boom shakalakalaka…boom shakalakalaka…boom shakalakalaka…fu

If my math serves me well, we’ve got a good 7 days until the General Elections, and I have to say, throughout this entire campaign period, I’ve been getting quite sick. Actually, I’d like to HOPE that others have been getting sick as well. What are we getting sick of?


I have to be blunt about it. I despise the man and all that he thinks he stands for. For a guy who claims to have the worst propaganda thrown at him, he’s quite the trash talker himself. He’s been the “victim” of two attacks on his mental stability, and yet, do you honestly think that there isn’t even the slightest possibility that he could actual have those problems? Aside from the physical properties that he exhibits, he’s also been quite defensive on the issue and, up till now, refuses to take any form of psychiatric evaluation.

Aside from his defensive stance on the psychiatric issue, he’s also been quite the braggart, declaring that if he were to lose, the eponymous people power would occur once again. This clear sign of an overly failed sense of accomplishment angers me that he would dare incite hatred into the hearts of people just because he feels that he’ll be cheated out of the elections. Perhaps he needs to get it into his head that surveys say nothing about 40 million registered voters. What is 2000 people’s decision supposed to say about your chances of winning? If anything, the man should keep his thoughts to himself less they run amok and cause mayhem among the populace. And you call yourself a “humble” official.


I’ll be honest. My biases against the aforementioned candidate have led me to say that I’d rather vote for his closest opponent than him, which, according to most of my friends, is tantamount to blasphemy.

Well, it just boils down to this:

An individual like his opponent MAY BE a thief, a corrupt politician, or both (they’re correlated anyway), but you CANNOT deny the fact that his record has proven his worth in both Congress and Senate. He has authored bills, passed legislation, and has spent LESS money than the former who has passed NOTHING in both Congress and Senate. What does that have to say about efficient allocation for the Economics graduate? Oh, and one other thing, it is one thing to be accused of stealing. It’s another issue to be PROVEN guilty.


Ok, so MAYBE his poor track record, his supposed mental health, his arrogance, and his political mudslinging haven’t convinced you to NOT vote for him.

Maybe his being the son of “deified” national heroes has given you enough reason to vote for him. Maybe you’ll be staking your life on the possibility that he WON’T steal in office, if it is to save his family’s name.

You just gave him the perfect alibi for all the potential bullshit he might do in office.

As a way to divert your attention in a scandal he could be involved in, he’ll simply say
“I put at stake my family’s name in all that I do. I did NOT steal”, or some variation of that statement.

Remember, it is YOU who is deciding the fate of the nation with your vote. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or if you are bloc voting. The point of the matter is, YOU ARE DECIDING YOUR OWN FUTRE BASED ON YOUR DECISIONS IN THE PRESENT!

Whatever choice you make, it’s totally up to you. I’m just sharing my opinion on the matter in the hopes that you see what I can see against his candidacy.

And frankly, I’d rather vote for someone accused of being a corrupt politician, someone CONVICTED of being a corrupt politician, an Evangelist, a semi-Bible Thumper, a girl with a boy cut, and a supposed puppet than someone who’s list of controversies include the words “killed”, “protest”, and “massacre”.

Thank you for reading this, and God Save our Nation!


I’m personally voting for his cousin.

As the months pass by, it seems that the 2010 General Elections are loudly creeping into the mindset of the voting populace. Drawn amidst 9 years of President Arroyo’s term, the people are gearing up for what we could call “The Race for Change”.

And yet, ironically, change is anything but the current trend at the time of writing.

Although the voters would like to say that they are voting for change, maybe some voters have to come to terms with the fact that they may be setting the same trigger of events that will lead to either very little change or a change for the worse.

Consider the case of the Presidential election of 1998. The masses voted for Erap because, as he said, he would help alleviate the poor. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but with all the money he was convicted of stealing, you’d like to wonder how much of the poor did he actually help. Aside from this, knowing him as a celebrity/public figure, the people probably thought that he might’ve been too stupid or too good to steal or commit crime in office.

And yet, he was the one who was convicted. Tough break.

Fast forward to the 2004 elections. Considering all the possibilities, and given the slim margin between President Arroyo and FPJ during the official tally, if FPJ did become President, I’d like you to imagine what would have happened to us? Sure, he is “Da King”, but can a man without prior experience in politics know about how to run a government, an economy, and a nation striving for so much more? Probably maybe, but we’ll never know.

So what if he had some affairs and illegitimate children? He’s still a good role model for his films, right?

But kidding aside, I have some respect for a man who offered to donate during a calamity without putting his name all over the box. That is what you call a good heart.

And now, we look at the current situation. We have Noynoy Aquino, son of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino and the late President Cory Aquino. The people have been quite generous for him in the polls, giving him the lead and showing their full support for the man who could “be the change we need”.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but maybe he isn’t the best candidate to actually support.

I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. Given the way he was raised, I’d like to assume that he does have the moral values and integrity showered upon him in articles and speeches alike. But for a man who has done very little, if any work to choose to run for the highest office in the land, you’d think that maybe he’s a bit over his head.

Just to give you an idea why he might be over his head, let’s look at what he’s spoken about in his commercials:

  • Christmas without his mother
  • Carrying torches with celebrities

So, what are we looking at here? Nothing. The man whose “long list” of achievements in the senate and whose track record is undisputedly clean (because of its lack of content) is only a front, and quite sadly, a user of his parent’s popularity to help propel him into superstardom.

We cannot allow the bashing of the current administration to immediately make decisions for us. Just because one isn’t the other, doesn’t mean that we necessarily have to choose what is deemed an opposite. In that case, what about the rest of the Presidentiables? Teodoro, although a member of the administration, declares himself a man free from dictation, and it has certainly shown in the past few months. Gordon has also proven himself a worthy politician, with over 3 decades of experience as well as an accomplished record. Perlas and de los Reyes are both sincere about their intentions to change from traditional politics and try to bring in a new age.

Why can’t we also think about the others?

How can you entrust your vote to a man who cannot even cook himself a meal? Or rely on the endorsement of over a dozen celebrities to achieve stardom?

We are talking about politics, the game of grinding teeth and enforcing what is needed for the good of all, even at the risk of suffering a popularity setback.

We are talking about 92 million people staring at your every move and wondering for 6 years whether or not they made the right choice.
We are talking about reality, not the dreamy optimistic future everyone hopes for. Promises can only go so far, cheap sentences can only take you even less than a mile.

He is not his father, nor his mother. He is his own man, and sadly, that man doesn’t seem capable to lead this country.

We need results, we cannot gamble for the future of people who need jobs, who need help to help themselves, and a nation healing from not only the devastation brought about by natural disasters, but a loss of hope for a nation wherein hundreds of direly needed professionals choose to leave the country because of better prospects.

To those who say that he’ll grow into his position, we need a definite answer, not a sentence vague enough to lure in the naïve.

Choose wisely. For the sake of yourself and your country.

Truth be told

There’s no one that I’d rather

Be with


Truth be told

Your smile alone

Has kept me gazing


Truth be told

I’d make my way

Through every corner


Truth be told

I couldn’t lie…


Because all I want to do

Is hold you close

All I want to do

Is just be near


I’d break the walls

I’d give more than my all

Just for my chance

To be with you


You are all I’ll ever need

Through thick and thin, I see you

Through all my fears, I need you

You are all my heart is longing for

This heart is longing for a home

To be with you, I’ll wish

Forever more…


Truth be told

I’m not afraid

To seek the challenge


Truth be told

I’d give my all

For you


Truth be told

I’m usually out of words

To say


But today

I feel brand new


Because all I want to do

Is hold you close

All I want to do

Is just be near


I’d break the walls

I’d give more than my all

Just for my chance

To be with you


You are all I’ll ever need

Through thick and thin, I see you

Through all my fears, I need you

You are all my heart is longing for

This heart is longing for a home

To be with you, I’ll wish

Forever more…


Your laugh is all I need

To get me through the day

Your smile, it melts my heart

In every single way

It’s true, I’m running out of

Cliché’ lines

I’m sure this time

My heart is now my mind


You are all I’ll ever need

Through thick and thin, I see you

Through all my fears, I need you

You are all my heart and soul is longing for

A chance for me and you

To hold you close

I’ll wish

Forever more…


Untitled #1
By: Ryan Uy and JC Casimiro

I spilled my martini
of rosary beads
On faces of heretics
the manangs who asked
for my palm
who blamed failure on my aura
if white tuxedo, some
Armani coat, branded barong
by the rugby boys of Tondo
with gin stained pants
of piss and tattoos…
some bistro
long forgotten by decades passed
say hello to friends from Aruba;
now welcome to Quiapo
where my heathen brethren roam

The night shall play its course

Slowly, unsure, and insecure


With hopes

That by the end

the smallest lingering sense of fulfillment

in some small, sweet way


I’ll give you a smile…



Wala na akong ginawang tama




Lahat ng tama

Nagiging sala


Ang munting saya

Sadyang nagiging drama










Lahat nalang, mula sa aking munting sikap

Sa sadlit ng aking pangangarap

Sa kakaunting sandal ng pagiging indibidwal


Wala talaga



Mabuti sana kung may lunas

Eh, wala


Mabuti nalang lumayas ng bahay

Eh, hinahabol ng jaguar


Mas mabuti nalang magpakamatay

Eh, magagalit ang langit


So ano ang dapat gawin?




Palagi nalang wala

Walang sawang wala

Natapos nalang ang mura

Wala pa rin


Inabot ng gulpi

Walang wala pa rin


Inospital na

Wala talaga eh


Tumira nalang ng alak

Oo, alak

Nalasing, nalasing


Wala pa rin


Putcha, walang sawang wala


At paulit-ulit mangyayari ang mga sandaling

Ako’y nangarap na sana

Mas mabuti ang matapos nalang ang araw






In an ellipsis

Why is it always the last two dots

That get noticed?


The first one

Is only good

For your first prick


The last 2 get the attention


They’re the special ones

They make an ellipsis what it is


Without them

The first one would simply be

A period to end all things

It’s every




Seconds, tick-tocking

To minutes


Minutes, click-clacking

To days


That I only wish

It could last forever


To hold your hand

To kiss your lips

To be in your presence


I will be content…

Beyond the City Skyline

There’s a place for us

Away from the noise we hear

Far from the nightmares we once feared



We dine in candlelight

Where solace echoes through the night

Where you and I shall sleep in peace